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Reef tries to get Fin to join his surf crew by hitting on her and using sexist comments, but Fin beats Reef up for his comments. Gangbang porn tubes. Fin, Reef, Lo and Broseph get trapped in an old hotel room that Bummer claims to be haunted by a young couple who died there a month before.

Can't think of any show like that! They try to work out their relationship, with the help of some friends along the way. Stoked fin and reef. She manages to save him from falling to his death from the top of the Ridgemount penthouse. At first Fin refuses earlier that morning she explains to Emma that Reef picked her some wildflowers, but they had poison ivy but then takes them and say "You're lucky you're kinda cute.

Wanting To Work by mandaree1 reviews Summer's coming up, and Lo wants to return to work as a senior. My moms a cougar. Meanwhile, Bummer wants Emma and Broseph to get rid of the mother turtle making babies on the beach, but causes trouble when all the baby turtles are missing in the hotel. While trying to prove who is the better surfer, Fin and Reef drift out to sea, and end up on a remote island. Come to think of it, almost all of Fin's best summer memories revolved around Reef.

Finally there's Reef…" she paused. She says that there's no way she can pee on her own feet. She never backs down from a challenge and uses surf lingo on a regular basis. Fin becomes annoyed with Reef and Lo's romantic relationship and attempts to intervene on Reef's behalf when he gets treated poorly and taken for granted by Lo at times.

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Reef only catches one tiny fish and fails at building a hut, much to his chagrin. Indian tits gallery. Ridgemount, who then plans on firing Reef. The Truth hurts by Dsman reviews Emma gets a letter in the mail and Surfers Paradise is anything but.

Stoked Fan Art by Brainstormer He begs her for help and Fin caves, agreeing to help him. They soon discover that they must take up new hobbies to fill in their spare time. Stoked fin and reef. Lo introduces Reef as her boyfriend to make Curtis jealous even though Reef and she aren't dating; Lo later bribes Reef into it by saying she'll get him his own mini-fridge , but Curtis proposes that he and Fin, along with Lo and Reef go on a double date.

Karaoke Night by darkredheart reviews Its karaoke night and Fin lets out some feelings. Contents [ show ]. Ridgemount gives Lo a brand new luxury convertible as long as she breaks up with Reef. Ellen degeneres and sharon stone. Junior year is gonna be interesting for all of them. Kick back and ride the next wave with the cast of Stoked and OCs! Meanwhile, at the hotel , Lo and Emma start a rumor among their friends that Fin and Reef cut work to hook up.

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K - English - Chapters: Create a character page for: Sign In Don't have an account? Kelly 22 episodes, As, I was saying, I made some awesome friends. But when the groms pressure him to be the "fun" boss, chaos occurs. Bummer leaves for the weekend and leaves Johnny in charge. She manages to save him from falling to his death from the top of the Ridgemount penthouse. Views Read Edit View history. Stoked fin and reef. Suddenly, the rest of the gang shows up, revealing the resort was only 10 minutes down the beach.

Login Stay on this Page. When Reef tries to prove that dude surfers are better than girls, Broseph, Emma and Johnny try to vote for their favorite, but it ends in a tie.

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