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Get off the internet and go fucking spank the shit out of your girlfriend. Granny fat cunt. The funny thing was, they didn't"lecture" me or threaten punishments. I spanked my girlfriend. Behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something. If I'm on my hands and knees, or bent over with my hands against a wall, or over someone's lap I'm also very exposed and I like feeling helpless and out of control.

I'm a littlerusty, but I still bet I can make it uncomfortable foryou to sit down tomorrow! Determine the time Decide whether to carry out the spanking in the here and now, or schedule it for a future time.

Upvoting posts that you like helps more people in the community see them. Summer banks porn. She gave them to me and they were soaking wet. When they finished with their questions, I had told themthat: I ran my finger over her slit and it was dripping wet. Get at least an hour's massage. And I played with her a bit "down there" and finger her while I was spanking and found that she was getting wetter.

She knew she was at my mercy.

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I ran my hands over her breasts as I kissed her and then progressed down to her sore bottom. Sexy girl little. Eratosthenes, a friend of Archimedes, had a conjecture that the earth was round;he used this as a basis for estimating the circumference of the Earth.

I think because a lot of women want a dominant man. Too many of them run right back to their abuser man or woman. I realized that what I felt most stronglywas guilt. I spanked my girlfriend. The problem is that you will go through a lot of girlfriends, with either you firing them or them dumping you for a wiser man. This could be remedied simply by removing the testicles.

We decided to not discuss it anymore and move on. The focus is on delivering the discipline. Big dick picture. Read my post again. My name is Kevin. I know several men who have been able to at least accept their partners need for strong sensations during sex using this method. You are trash,go jump off a cliff. I spanked my girlfriend. They would be wise to keep it hidden, and hidden well.

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It is sad to me when I see a nice guy financially and emotionally torn apart. I tell you one thing though, if you ever met me, you would be sooooo into me.

But when I am essentially throwing a temper tantrum when we are discussing decisions, then setting limits and disciplining are needed. How many of yours did you abort? There is so much that is said in society today to be accepted but all you have to do is watch the actions of individuals. Society expects men to account for their households, but expects that we should permit women free reign to poison that household. To all upset opinionated readers, please: I love the argument that some give concerning spanking is not hitting.

It's a turn on to have my girlfriend over my knee, but at the same time this is meant for discapline, maybe after I can get some. I spanked my girlfriend. Whereas, abusers got left. I am not advocating for back to the days when men could beat up their girlfriends and wives.

Seems like more women are advocating for it by buying the books and watching the movie.

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